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Eight Days

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‘Eight Days’ is a reality show presented by award-winning director and producer, Charles Mattocks. Each season focuses on a new health condition. Inspired by his father’s death from Cancer, the first season of ‘Eight Days’ will concentrate on five individuals and guests at a Jamaican resort, who are living in different stages of Cancer.

From diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, the five guests will be provided with the opportunities to share their stories, learn from the experts and each other, and receive the best, appropriate treatments. Charles and his team will truly walk in the lives of these individuals, as the eyes of millions are opened to what living and fighting Cancer is really like!

Cancer is a very complex disease, consisting of many interlaced issues. The first ’Eight Days’ series will examine several different facets of what it means to be diagnosed, treated and living a life with Cancer. From the personal effects of Cancer; including the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges of the disease, to the impacts Cancer has on communication with others, work, and career, finances, housing, loved ones, family members and even on interactions and relationships within the healthcare system, the ’Eight Days’ team will assist each guest in working through their cancer-related needs, questions and concerns.

Without a doubt, ‘Eight Days’ will not only change the lives of our guests, but it will also raise awareness and educate viewers regarding the management of the various treatment and personal issues that come with the disease, Cancer.

Format: HD
Genre: Reality, Series, Health, Lifestyle
Episodes: 10
Duration: 60 mins
Languages: English
Original Broadcaster: WGN