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Eight-year-old Marko only knows the world around his cabin, which is hidden deep in a huge forest. The only person he knows is his paranoid, protective Father, who is a strict man devoid of love and words. The outside world is evil.  

Feeling lonely, Marko finds refuge and answers to everything in his only precious possession, a picture book.   

One day his curiosity takes him beyond the forbidden boundaries of the forest, and a mysterious woman finds him. The woman treats Marko well, something Marko has never felt before. She also has an innocent, gentle son with Down’s syndrome named Miko. Their meeting remains a secret. A few days later, the woman is wounded, and Marko see his Father kill her. Marko is in shock and feels hatred towards his Father. Fearing that he might kill Miko as well, Marko runs away with his friend. But when they are attacked by the Infected, his Father comes to their rescue. The Father is bitten by the Infected while protecting the boys and knows he must kill himself before he turns.  

Marko is devastated but knows what needs to be done. His picture book tells the story of a leaf child searching for the Fairy. He has no clear idea of what it means to have a mother, or if Fairies even exist. However, the boys must go on a journey to find her. Outside the forest, Marko is faced with a shattered world shrouded in silence. Infected remnants of what is left of humanity, succumbed to the virus, killing and eating everything in their path. Pursued by a few surviving fanatics who believe the world must end, Marko’s search and hope to find his Fairy takes him to an abandoned city. Fleeing the Infected, he encounters a unit of patrolling soldiers. The female officer from the unit intends to take Marko’s life, knowing that no child has been born normally since the outbreak. But the “M” mark on his wrist changes her mind. Marko is a child long lost, one of the few immune. Those few with the sign are the hope that the world can be rebuilt. As for Marko, he believes he has found his fairy. 

Genre: Action, Adventure
Duration: 96 minutes
Country: North Macedonia, Croatia, Kosovo, France
Language: Macedonian, English
Status: Post-Production