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Silver Bells

Genre: Horror, Christmas
Country: USA
Language: English
Status: In Development

When the Full Moon Rises, You Better Watch Out.
It’s Christmastime in Kansas City. And all the creatures are stirring.

Lisa, a volatile self-loathing werewolf, works nights at a motel on the outskirts of town to minimize human contact and suppress her monstrous impulses. She befriends the loyal motel owners and happily married couple Walter and Norma, who protect her due to past regrets for not helping their son when they had the chance. And are those sparks between Lisa and a coworker named Whitley? Whitley is in school to be a vet and her love and knowledge of animals will certainly come in handy.

When a pack of sadistic werewolves known as The Healers brutally slay her best friend Sam, the only thing she still cares about, Lisa must emerge to unleash clawed vengeance.

Slashing her way through KC, with the help of Norma and Whitley, Lisa sniffs out the pack’s organ-trafficking operation masquerading as a Christmas charity. Their prey turned into werewolves and held captive for endless organ harvesting.

Now only Lisa can save them.