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The Unborn

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Tiffany rushes to work to discuss a shocking discovery with her boyfriend: She is pregnant. But Henry, who is also her supervisor, leaves before she gets a chance. Conflicted, Tiffany starts a night shift at an abandoned factory along with her colleague Joey. As strange events start unfolding, the two must come to terms with reality: Tiffany as a future mother, and Joey who is secretly in love with her. But reality holds another, darker secret which has plans for Tiffany’s unborn child.

Directed by Tal Lazar, written by Danny Matier, “The Unborn”, a horror, features Manni L. Perez, Chris Bellant, Brian David Tracy, Clifton Samuels, Jesse R. Tendler, Deborah Stile, Dameka Hayes and J. Richey Nash.

Format: 4K
Genre: Horror 
Duration: 75 mins
Country: USA
Language: English 
Release year: 2020