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The Word (A Palavra)

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A journalist, looking for a scoop, tries to uncover the secrets and unmask a man named Elias, who has achieved miracles in the backlands of northeastern Brazil. In a fight of good against evil, she will hear stories that refer to biblical passages from the prophets Elijah and Elisha and will make her know The Word, change her beliefs and achieve a great miracle.

Inspired by the biblical accounts of the prophets Elijah and Elisha, according to the Book of Kings (17: 1 onwards), transferring Israel’s action to the Northeastern Caatinga, in northeastern Brazil. Elijah represents the traditional prophet who brings the Word of God to the population. Elisha, Elias’ spiritual heir, is the modern prophet, transformed into an engineer in the construction of the transposition of the São Francisco River. Elisha struggles to bring water and the Word of God to the poor. Both fight against Jezebel, a reporter married to Ahab, who owns a television station, TV Baal, who seeks to teach the people to worship false gods. Through the miracles achieved thanks to the Word of God, both prophets lead the journalist to know the true path to the Faith.

Written and directed by Guilherme de Almeida Prado, “A Palavra”, a 98-minute evangelical drama, features Tuca Andrada, Oscar Magrini, Karina Barum, Regina Remencius and Luciano Szafir, in addition to the special appearances by Ana Miranda, Carlos Casagrande and Amanda Richter. This title is distributed in collaboration with 8 STAR Entertainment.

Format: HD
Genre: Inspirational, Drama 
Duration: 98 mins
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese 
Release year: 2020