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Title Information

Genre: Drama, History, True Story
Duration: 102 mins
Country: Germany
Language: German
Release: Theatrical Release: Q3 2022
Director: Konstantin Korenchuk, Simon Pilarski
Cast: Lea van Acken (Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank, Dark), Eric Kabongo (Willkommen bei den Hartmanns (Welcome To Germany)), André Hennicke (Der Untergang (Downfall))
Availability: Worldwide except Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece.

World Premiere at the 2022 Paris International Film Festival.

4 Days To Eternity

Original title: 4 Tage Bis Zur Ewigkeit

This is the incredible and mysterious legend of Idilia Dubb. It is 1851 Idilia is visiting the Rhine Valley. Whilst exploring in an old abandoned castle, she falls through the rotten floors. She finds no escape and begins her fight for survival.

This is the incredible and tragic legend of Idilia Dubb. It is 1851 and Idilia is visiting the German Rhineland Valley.
She loves to sketch and decides to go to the old abandoned Lahneck Castle. Whilst trying to gain a better view, the rotten floors collapse trapping Idilia within the ancient fortress. The dreamy Idilia awakens injured inside the gloomy castle ruin and can't remember anything that happened beforehand. But when she discovers to her horror that there is no escaping the towering castle walls, she begins a grueling fight for survival.
Only her sketch book can help her decipher the past, and which exposes an illicit secret romance with a Black actor from Abyssinia, a performer in a human zoo exhibition run by her much older fiancée Franz Hagerberg. As no one answers her cries for help, Idilia contemplates her fate in a written record that blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

Based on the mysterious legend of Idilia Dubb - the Rhine legend from the 19th century tells that the young Miss disappeared on an excursion in the forest and never has been seen again. Twelve years later, her skeleton and her diary were found in the Lahneck castle ruins.


“4 DAYS TO ETERNITY is a stimulating and thoughtful film that contains a rare social expressiveness lacking in some films.” – Film and TV Now