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Title Information

Genre: Drama, Thriller
Duration: 100 mins
Country: The Netherlands
Language: Dutch, Arabic
Release: The Netherlands November 2022
Director: Wahid Sanouji
Cast: Aziz Akazim, Chemseddine Amar, Titia Hoogendoorn, Fredrik de Groot
Availability: Worldwide except Netherlands, Dutch Speaking Belgium

The Way To Paradise

A young Dutch-Moroccan student is looking forward to realizing his dream of becoming a lawyer. But unforeseen circumstances dramatically change his life into one of a radical willing to attack a target in Amsterdam.

Najib is a young Moroccan, born and living in The Netherlands. He has just graduated from Law School and aspires to get his master's degree. But when his older brother is arrested for criminal activities, Najib must take the lead and take care of his family immediately. Events in his life are speeding out of control. He abandons his studies and fails to cope with meeting the needs of his family all on his own. On the edge of despair, he is approached by a young Radical called Brahim who offers to help him. But the real reason is to exploit Najib's vulnerability and convince him to join the fight of the "Holy War", to sacrifice himself in a bomb attack in Amsterdam.