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Dance It Out

Designed to get people up and moving, Dance It Out is a fun-filled inspiring series.
During these times of COVID-19, it is important that everyone maintains their fitness as the traditional exercise at school and fitness centers are limited.
Through a mix of dance, workouts and emotional stories from special guests who share their positive experiences through the challenges they face.
In addition to Billy, these key contributors are also inspired and supported by a celebrity guest-stars from music, TV, theatre and/or social media. While providing the famed Dance It Out fitness workout, the message is always on point letting viewers know they are not alone in their struggles and there is always a way to keep moving to get the best out of life.
Billy guides the audience through workout programs with a dazzling cast of Pro Back Up Dancers and an energized VJ/MC who spins originally composed music. The dynamic and emotionally engaging tracks range from Pop, Hip Hop, Broadway, Salsa, Bollywood, Jazz, Reggae and more!

Format: HD
Genre: Lifestyle, Music
Episodes: 10 x 30 minutes
Language: English
Original Broadcaster: Lifetime Network
Year: 2020/2021