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I Want to Live

“I don’t want to stay alive; I want to live…” These lines by the film character Milda convey the essence of this film probably most precisely. The story is taking place in the last decade of the 20 the century in Lithuania, in a sanatorium located in a picturesque natural setting far from the bustle of the city. Counterintuitively, convalescing there are not older adults but teenagers hoping for a miracle. They suffer from various heart diseases, while some are awaiting a donor… That is where teenager Saulius (M. Ivanauskas), a promising sprinter who unexpectedly collapsed during a race, is brought to recuperate. As is characteristic to people of his age, he is edgy and cantankerous, refusing to understand the reason for him being there and not interested in making friends. In the beginning, neither the director of the medical facility (L. Laucevicius), nor the young people’s mentor Andrius (R. Kazlas) can find a way to approach the new boy. But patience does wonders… On the very first day, Milda (Roberta Sirgedaite), the long-term regular inpatient at the sanatorium who is awaiting a donor heart, catches Saulius’ eye. Despite everyone trying to persuade Saulius that this girl is above his league, he’s not going to give up easily. The casual teenage infatuation gradually develops into true first love. Love that overcomes every obstacle, disregards every forbiddance, does not listen to the voice of reason, that can’t be resisted, is dangerous, stays with us for the rest of our lives and is stronger than death. This is not only a story about love that knows no borders. In its background, the lives of other characters are developing. A teacher with sadistic tendencies Vytas (A. Gradauskas), nicknamed “Beak”, who doesn’t love children and opposes the methods of their mentor Andrius, harbours an ambition of taking the good-natured directors’ place. Meanwhile, Andrius is struggling to save a relationship with the sanatorium nurse Gabija (I. Patkauskaite), who feels neglected by her sweetheart, as he dedicates his entire attention to the ill children. The teenage kids behave in a predictable for their age way – cause havoc, get themselves into conflict or comic situations, suffer but always get up and continue moving forward. The film features a great cast of young (students of A. Latenas and V. Bareikis) and older generation actors. It is a heartwarming, wide-eyed and sincere film that Lithuanian audiences have long been awaiting. It depicts the time before the internet, mobile phones, Facebook and Instagram. When feelings were purer, when we lifted our eyes to the sky more often, when another person could become the most important thing in the world, when hearts were genuine and knew how to beat as one.

Format: 1080p
Genre: Romance, Coming of Age 
Duration: 110 mins
Country: Lithuania
Language: Lithuanian
Lithuanian Theatrical Release: Nov 2018

Available Worldwide except Lithuania, Taiwan