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The Conversation

Based on a true story of a meeting on 4 June 1945 between two powerful men with very opposite philosophies and perspectives on the future of their country; the newly appointed political Leader of Yugoslavia, Marshal Tito and the head of the Catholic Church of Croatia, Archbishop Aloysius Stepinac. Both controversial figures, who left an indelible mark on the region as no one else has in its very long and even bloodier history.
It is a dangerous time as the Partisans had won the war against the Nazis and taken over the country, with the Red Army of the Soviet Union close at hand to ensure dominance and influence over Eastern Europe.
The basis of the film and words spoken come from an unearthed alleged transcript of the meeting which lasted just one and a half hours.
Tito, influenced by Stalinist Soviet Union, is a staunch, hard nosed, relentless believer in communism. Stepinac on the other hand is a very reserved, calm, somewhat cold man who is the youngest Catholic Archbishop Croatia ever had. Tito’s desire is to have absolute and complete control of anything and everything within Yugoslavia and since Croatia is a very crucial republic within Yugoslavia which Tito obviously must control. The Catholic Church had always been the one identifying symbol to bring all Croatians together. Tito’s desire was to have the Croatian Church break away from The Vatican entirely. Tito is relentless in his pursuit to have Archbishop Stepinac give in to his request but the Archbishop remains resolute and stubborn under the pressure. The meeting is like a game of chess, going back and forth the entire time, one man trying to outmaneuver and outsmart the other. The ultimate outcome between the two will not only shape the history of both men and their country, but also the shape of the world to come which to this day remain relevant.

Format: 4K
Genre: True Story, Historical, Biography
Duration: 109 mins
Country: Croatia
Language: English
Status: Post-Production
Release year: 2022

Director: Dominik Sedlar
Cast: Caspar Phillipson (Jackie, Mission Impossible Fallout), Dylan Turner (Mamma Mia)

Available Worldwide