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The Last Inn

“University student Laura lost most of her memory only with an urge to visit the island of Galveston. On her way to the seaside, she encountered torrential rain, mudslides, collapsed mountain roads and car accidents, which completely cut her off from the outside world. She strayed into the Lawst Inn, only to trigger a series of creepy and horrifying events. The history of the dusty and bloody horrors were woken up.
In the Lawst Inn, Laura met a handsome and gentle photographer Steven, and Laura couldn’t help falling for Steven even though Steven had always been very mysterious.
As soon as she arrived at the haunted inn, Laura experienced a terrible night with an evil spirit that invaded her room.In the meanwhile, another couple, Nicole and Peter who also stayed at the Lawst Inn, accidentally offended Adele’s spirit hidden in that antique doll. After they had played the popular Asian pencil-fairy game with Laura, a series of horror events followed. “

Format: 1080p
Genre: Horror
Duration: 97 mins
Country: USA
Language: English
Domestic Release: Oct 2021

Directors: David Kuan
Cast: Emily Hall, Walker Barnes, Tristan Cunningham, Jamel King

Available worldwide except, North America, UK & Ireland