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True North – Arctic Blizzard

Jan Marten is a helicopter pilot on the German Navy Frigate Sachsen, he finds out his wife and child have gone missing but he must return to duty on the Sachsen stationed in the Arctic Ocean.
In the meantime, separatists have taken over the strategically important Svalbard Islands in the Arctic Ocean and they have a Nuclear armed Submarine. The separatists declare Svalbard as an autonomous republic. Meanwhile the frigate Sachsen is on NATO exercises just off the coast of the Islands and therefore called upon to respond to the events on Svalbard. What makes things complicated is the fact that Jan’s wife and child seem to be among the separatists on the islands.

The events on Svalbard are only the beginning of a much bigger worldwide movement. Jan and his crew of the Sachsen must face this new foe and test their loyalties, revealing a secret more frightening than they could ever have imagined.

Genre: Action, Drama
Episodes: 8 x 45 minutes
Language: German 
Status: Post-Production
Available: Q2 – 2023