Alan Green
Co-Founder and VP Sales

Alan Green is British born but grew up in Germany and the Netherlands, but now is based in the USA. Having this international background made the decision of working across the globe an automatic choice. He has circumnavigated the world many times in his life to close deals and effect new relationships, nowhere is too far.

He began his career in the UK distribution business working at Major Studios such as 20th Century Fox and Pathé where he held positions such as Head of Marketing and Head of European Publicity and Promotions releasing Oscar winning and blockbuster titles such as Braveheart, Titanic, Star Wars, The X-Men, The World Is Not Enough, Terminator 2, Basic Instinct to name very few. Followed by working across various European markets for the same companies.

For the last 15 years, he transitioned his skills to International Film and Television Distribution, licensing TV and feature film rights to US and International buyers at all major markets around the world with companies based in The Netherlands and the US. With many awards to his name including being part of the Emmy Award Winning Team at FCCE for the production and distribution of the world’s first User-generated Movie by Paul Verhoeven in 2012.

Fluent in multiple languages, Green has distributed and developed hundreds of titles with budgets ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to forty million dollars.

Cecilia Brush
Head of Acquisitions

Cecilia Brush joined One Two Three media shortly after its conception in 2020 as the Head of Acquisitions. A unique, culture-rich childhood lived throughout the United States and Mexico has shaped her into a strong, adaptive and understanding leader. She is fluent in English and Spanish but dabbles in a few other languages. A true citizen of the world, Cecilia gets her thrills in international travel, film sales and acquisitions as well as consulting on everything film related. 

After graduating from Full Sail University with a bachelor of film production, Cecilia jumped right out the gates by taking part in various international film markets as a sales and acquisitions executive. Consistently striving to better herself, she used these opportunities to strengthen her grip on the inner workings of the film world. From here she worked as a creative consultant and freelancer on various productions ranging from indie to blockbuster.

Most recently, Cecilia has returned to her roots in sales and acquisitions while focusing on coaching independent film makers. What makes Cecilia special is her ability to guide people and develop scripts and productions. With vast knowledge on the intricacies of film markets around the world, she will play a key role in the evolution of your ideas, your film, your vision; in order to hit your mark. 

Karl Hillbrick