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Title Information

Genre: Drama
Duration: 90 mins
Country: USA, Croatia, Ukraine, Italy, Israel
Language: English, Italian, Russian, Hebrew, Croatian
Release: In Production 2022
Director: Jakov Sedlar
Cast: Franco Nero (Django Unchained), Armand Assante (Gotti), Al Sapienza (The Sopranos, Godzilla)
Availability: Worldwide

Five Cities Four Women

An uplifting and mesmerizing anthology of stories set during Covid Lockdown. Four female escorts from different cities - New York, Jerusalem, Kyiv and Zagreb - and one man in Rome reflect on their experiences and responses to human interaction during the Pandemic.

A mesmerizing anthology of stories set in Five Cities during the Covid Lockdown. Four voices of female escorts and one pimp express themselves through their experiences and responses to human interaction during the Pandemic.
In New York, Tracy meets her psychiatrist who she has been seeing for a five years. A young woman who has so many dreams to fulfill, who knows people are lonely, who sees herself as a woman of color in a world of inequality, who is hopeful for love.
In Jerusalem, the diminutive housewife Hodiya meets her new cellmate Sarah, a gritty streetwise prostitute. Immediately the contrast between them is clear. They live complete opposites lives, but still there is a connection. They have more in common than first appearances dictate and realize they can look at themselves with no predetermined futures or judgement.
In Kyiv the tenacious yet worn Yulia walks into a bar closed due to COVID with only a suitcase in her hand. Alone with just the bar owner Igor, she reminisces and believes her destiny is to marry a foreigner. Yulia knows her life has been fraught with problems and the past does not determine your future. Was it serendipity that she is at the bar with Igor?
In Rome, a well-dressed mature man walks the empty streets of Rome and contemplates the ongoing death of romanticism in the world. Coming to the conclusion that cities are built from passion and love, where the past is a reminder on the importance of love.
In Zagreb, an attractive young woman receives a call from the man in Rome, her pimp. With clients cancelling due to Covid, the pimp advises here to make her time count and not waste it on waiting for things to change. At home her mother reveals she has terminal cancer and shows her letters from her biological father and why it was kept secret. He is a priest.
Travelling to his church she surreptitiously meets him and admits being an escort before revealing the name of her mother. Stunned by the news he tracks her down where they are able to reconnect.
The extraordinary production was filmed in five languages with five production crews during the Covid Lockdown.