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Title Information

Genre: Drama, Fantasy
Duration: 63 mins
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Release: 2022
Director: Jeremy Rubier
Cast: Nagisa Chauveau, Jai West
Availability: Worldwide except North America, Japan


Sayo takes the viewer in a fantastic journey through memories, grief and Japanese spirituality.

Nagisa grieves for her twin sister, Sayo, who passed away two years ago. To keep her memory alive, Nagisa visits a temple in Tokyo daily to commune with her lost sibling through prayers and rituals. One fateful night, a mysterious taxi driver appears and transports Nagisa to the land of the souls, where she embarks on a quest to reach Sayo for one final goodbye. The price to pay to talk to her sister a last time? Each hour in the other world will cost her one year of life.


"Sayo, un film fantastique d’inspiration miyazakienne" (Sayo, a fantastic film of Miyazakian inspiration) - La Presse

"Sayo destroys the border between fiction and reality" - syn

"It’s an almost spiritual journey with natural landscapes captured in all their splendor..., and almost feels like a poetic contemplation of the Japanese countryside." - NEVER THINK IMPOSSIBLE