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Title Information

Genre: Horror
Duration: 90 mins
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release: US 2021
Director: Chris Bell
Cast: Candis Nergaard (White Chamber), Jayne Wisener (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street), David Schaal (Keeping Mum, A Call To Spy)
Availability: Worldwide except North America, UK & Ireland, Taiwan, Malaysia

The Heiress

Two sisters share a mysterious connection to a dark family secret. Following the death of their grandmother, ancient spirits are unleashed and the women must do battle with ‘Lilith’, a malevolent female spirit who has returned to claim possession of Anna’s unborn child.

Clare and Anna are devoted sisters who live together. Clare suffers from fits and Anna cares for Clare between time at work and seeing her boyfriend. However when Clare begins to see ghostly visions within the house Anna has difficulty believing her. As the visions worsen they test Clare's sanity, until one night she mistakenly attacks Anna - believing her to be one of the ghosts. Clare is hospitalised but the visions continue to haunt her. But Clare was never the true target, the spectres were after Anna and her unborn child all along. Now Clare must find out how to protect her sister, while locked up in a secure psychiatric facility.