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Title Information

Genre: Horror
Duration: 80 mins
Country: USA
Language: English
Release: US 2019
Director: Ding Wang
Cast: Chloe Mercedes, Duojie Suonan, Picardy Jean-Pierre
Availability: Worldwide except United States, Canada; United Kingdom; Ireland; Australia; New Zealand; Netherlands and Dutch Speaking Belgium; Bosnia Herzegovina; Croatia; Kosovo; North Macedonia; Montenegro; Slovenia; Serbia; India; Japan; South Korea; Taiwan; Vietnam

The Killing House

Three strangers from different backgrounds find themselves trapped inside a confined mansion and as they run lows on resources, they soon figure out the only way to escape is for one to kill the other two.

By a weird twist of fate, three strangers end up imprisoned in a mansion and thrown into a game that none of them wanted to play. They must keep killing each other until the winner has amassed enough kills to leave the grounds of the house. As these three people of different cultural backgrounds are killed and resurrected and killed again and again, they grow tired of the game and look to stop the killing. But soon they run out of food and water, and all three participants will die regardless. Will they come to some sort of compromise or will they finish out the twisted game?