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Title Information

Genre: Horror, Thriller
Duration: 90 mins
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Release: US 2021
Director: Raine McCormack
Cast: Richard Hope (1899, Poldark, The French Lieutenant's Woman), Therese Bradley (Outlander, Peaky Blinders), Robert Vernon (Censor)
Availability: Worldwide except North America, UK & Ireland, Russia / CIS, Germany, Austria and German Speaking Switzerland, Netherlands, Dutch Speaking Belgium, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Korea

The Village in the Woods 

Every village, every person, has a secret...none more so than the inhabitants of this isolated, murky village whose fate relies on the luring of two unsuspecting pawns to satisfy their appetite and determine their being.

Deep in forgotten woods, lies a village, at the center of which stands the Old Harbour Inn. This rotten pub is the target of an inheritance fraud by young couple Jason and Nicky. Tempted by promises of easy money, Nicky pretends to be the Inn’s sole heiress. On arrival, they find the villagers welcoming and friendly…a little too much so. Always there. Always smiling. Always watching. The couple do their best to continue the scam but things start to go very wrong. Their paranoia slowly builds to terror as unsettling and grim events unfold. The Village in the Woods is not all it seems…