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Title Information

Genre: Horror
Duration: 90 mins
Country: Canada
Language: English
Release: 2022
Director: Ding Wang
Cast: Anne-Carolyne Binette (The Nights Before Christmas) Dean Persons (Twin Tied) Michael Czemerys (Monster Hunter)
Availability: Worldwide. Non-Exclusive in USA/Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Taiwan

World Ends At Camp Z

New buyers of a campground pushes the present owner to defend against the sale of the property during a global pandemic but a zombie uprising was never in his plans.

Camp La Tuque is closed for the season due to the pandemic as Julian Walsh closes up while waiting for the potential buyer Aaron Prince, a wealthy, spoiled 22-year-old who secretly plans to convert the camp into a graphite mine.
Julian works at the camp and is asked to help Vanessa prepare for the arrival of the new buyer Aaron, who Julian later finds out is Vanessa’s boyfriend. Clay, one of the owners of the camp is onto Aaron and puts his plan into action, to scare Aaron and his friends enough that they won’t go through with the purchase. His plan almost works until the posse accidentally gets shot.
At the same time, as night falls on the campground, mysterious deadly creatures appear, the townspeople of La Tuque have mutated into zombies. The night becomes one of survival and terror for everyone including Clay and Julian who now must join forces with Aaron and his friends for the sake of survival.